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Rubber Tubing Made From Natural Latex

 And with undetectable levels of phthalates based on UL reports!

Rubber Tubing made from natural latex, what is it?  Natural latex rubber tubing has been given many names.  Some people call it surgical tubing, exercise or fitness tube, gum rubber tubing, and dipped tubing as well as speargun bands and slingshot bands.  Others may simply refer to it as "stretchy tubing".

Natural Latex Rubber Tubing made by PRIMELINE'S "Continuous Dip Process" creates a superior natural latex rubber tubing.  The physical properties are better, the quality higher and the colors more vibrant than product manufactured from dry natural or synthetic materials.  In addition, Primeline's tubing has only 50 micrograms or less of water extractable protein per gram.  This is important since proteins in natural rubber can cause severe allergic reactions in those individuals who are allergic to the types of protein found in natural rubber. This is known as the "latex allergy". No other rubber tubing can claim to have lower protein levels.

If you want more information on natural rubber processing, click here.


It is used in many applications. 

  • Medical 
  • Scientific
  • Industrial 
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Fitness
  • Rehab and Therapy

Natural Latex Rubber Tubing by Primeline is available in amber, black and primary, fluorescent and metallic colors. Custom color matching is also available.

Ask us about our sewing and assembly capabilities.

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Briefly, why is Primeline's continuous dip process better than other processes.

Natural latex is a milky white secretion that is found in a variety of plants.  Commercially latex comes from two plant sources.  The most common source is the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.  These trees are grown on large plantations typically found in places like Liberia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.  A newer source is the guayule bush that is native to Mexico and southwest United States.

The majority of the latex produced is converted into dry stock or sheet stock.  A portion remains in latex form.  Whether in dry or latex form, ingredients must be added to improve the properties of the finished product.  These ingredients include anti-oxidants to improve aging, and a cure package to improve the physical properties.  The most common cure package contains sulfur and activators. This cure method is know as vulcanization.

The procedure by which ingredients are added is known as compounding.  To add these ingredients to dry stock, the stock first needs to be broken down.  This is known as mastication.  The stock is passed through rollers that shear the rubber breaking down the polymer chains.  The compound ingredients are then added and forced into the stock, as it passes between the two rollers.  This dry compounded stock is easily molded or extruded into a finished product.

Latex processing is much different.  Latex is compounded in its natural liquid form. Mastication is not required.  The compound ingredients are made into water dispersions which are added to the latex.  The compound ingredients are more evenly distributed in with the micron size polymer particles and the result is a product with greater tear resistance and superior physical properties.  This is one reason why medical exam gloves, condoms, and balloons are made from latex and not from dry stock.  Processing latex into a finished product is more time consuming, tedious, and hands-on, but the end result is a better product.

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