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Natural Rubber Latex Tubing

Tubing Size Chart

Primeline Industries' "Tubing Size Chart" is a tool designed to aid in the determination of the inside diameter (hole size) and the wall thickness of tubing, on which you might have a question.

The chart works best when on a transparency. If your printer is of a type that will print on a transparency, such as a laser printer, then simply click on the button to the right to open the chart and print it directly to a transparency from your printer.

If your printer is not of a type that will print on a transparency, such as an inkjet printer, click on the button on the right to open the chart, then print the chart out on plain paper. Once you have done so, use your copier to copy the chart onto a transparency.

In both cases when printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader, you must have page scaling set to "none" for the chart to print out accurately.


To determine the inside diameter, starting from the top, align the hole in the tubing to the black dots on the chart. Find the dot that best matches the hole. The fraction to the left of the dot is the size of the inside diameter.

Determining the wall thickness is a bit trickier. The wall of the tubing should extend slightly beyond the two black lines of the wall thickness chart. If the wall falls within the black lines, then it is not a match. (See diagram A.) Starting again from the top, find the wall gauge that best matches the wall of the tubing. Once you have determined that you have a match, the fraction to the left is the size of the wall thickness of the tubing.

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Diagram 1

Correct Match

Incorrect Match