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About Us

Our Mission

Primeline Industries is based in Akron Ohio, the Rubber Capital of the World. We manufacture high quality dipped Natural Latex Rubber tubing. We place an emphasis on customer satisfaction as the majority of work that we do is custom in nature. It is for this reason that we pride ourselves on handling every order with a great deal of attention to detail, no matter how large or how small.

We produce the natural latex rubber tubing in various sizes and lengths for sale in bulk or pre-packaged containers. Our tubing can be made in virtually any color. Primeline offers specialized services which include assembling and packaging customer specified product designs. These designs often utilize our tubing with sewn webbing, attachments and retail packaging. Examples of this include the addition of plugs, clasps, hooks, handles, and labels. Configurations can be looped, braided, or connected into simple or complex styles. These assemblies are used in many industries including fitness, recreation, sports training and toys.

Our History

Primeline Industries is the succession of a business dating back to the early 1900’s, tracing its original roots to The B.F. Goodrich Company.


Two scientists, Dr. Harrison and Dr. Morton of BF Goodrich were tasked with developing rubber tubing using an alternate production process. Goodrich ultimately abandoned the research. However, the scientists perfected the process of a continuous dip method of producing rubber tubing and founded Harrison and Morton Laboratories. The company later became Chemco and was based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, a suburb of Akron. Chemco was a producer of compounding ingredients, anti-oxidants, curing agents, and manufactured tubing using the continuous dip process.


Chemco was eventually acquired by Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. in 1960. The company split the chemical operations apart from the production process, which remained in Cuyahoga Falls. The business segment was renamed the Latex Rubber Products Division of Reichhold Chemicals, Inc.

In 1982 Primeline Industries, Inc. purchased the Latex Rubber Products division from Reichhold.

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