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Our Product

At Primeline Industries, the creation of exceptional rubber tubing encompasses a meticulous series of steps, commencing with the meticulous selection of premium raw materials tailored to meet stringent specifications for various applications like surgical tubing, speargun bands, and fitness bands. These materials undergo a precise blending and mixing process, ensuring a consistent and uniform rubber compound. Expert technicians employ specialized techniques to shape and mold the compound into the desired tubing profiles for diverse purposes, such as medical use, underwater sports, and fitness equipment. Throughout production, stringent quality checks uphold standards for diameter, thickness, and structural integrity, ensuring each band meets exacting criteria. Employing a specialized dipping process allows for a plethora of vibrant colors, enhancing the visual appeal while maintaining durability. This dedication to precision and craftsmanship enables Primeline Industries to deliver a spectrum of top-tier rubber tubing, catering to the specific needs of clients across various industries.

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